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The Equalizer - 20210402

Somewhat of a part two to the last post. Venus is just as good of a colonization and terraforming candidate as Mars, if not better. Venus is roughly 90% the size of Earth; and more importantly the gravity is 90.4% of Earth’s, which is much closer than that of Mars which is 38% of Earth’s gravity. The surface is both very high pressure and extremely hot due to the thick atmosphere that is made of mostly of CO2. However, higher up in the clouds the temperature and pressure is just right to nearly comfortable sustain us- with the exception that we would have to wear oxygen masks until we remove enough CO2. Venus also has a Magnetosphere to a point, it seems to be mostly passive from Sol’s solar winds- but at least it’s a Magnetosphere. Mars effectively lacks both what we would consider an Atmosphere and Magnetosphere. Mars is also very cold, the opposite of Venus. If we were able to wake Mars back up in terms of a Magnetosphere, which would potentially require a ton of nuclear bombs in key positions, as well as astroid strikes then somehow transfer a large amount of the CO2 from the Venerean atmosphere to the Martian atmosphere, as well as setup satellite mirrors to reflect the light away from Venus and reflect light towards Mars, we could simultaneously cool down Venus and warm up Mars enough for both Planets to be quiet habitable.

Being we can’t live on the surface of Venus, nor build anything towards the surface due to the atmospheric pressures that would crush quite literally anything we throw at it, we would have to live in some form of floating city; similar to Bespin’s Cloud City from Star Wars. By the time we are ready to colonize, we will probably using the vast abundance of Hydrogen as a renewable fuel source to power keeping us afloat, or even a lighter gas than CO2, but less dangerous than H2. Maybe He?

Dredger of Vehemence - 20210330

We are rapidly approaching becoming an interplanetary species with SpaceX preparing for colonization on Mars. When Mars is colonized, how will it remain purely international? Surely that won’t last for a long period of time. Countries are going to stake out claims of land on our neighboring planet. When that happens, will war be fought on Mars alone? On Earth? Both planets? It’s a third the size of Earth, so while still quite spacious for the time being, I can’t imagine that it will be completely peaceful there.

Adding on to this thought, when we do become a truly interplanetary species, why can’t all of our countries just unify towards a specific goal and forego all of the unnecessary bullshit we are dealing with now in terms of localized politics? We’d all be confined to the same star system, we won’t be interstellar for a very long period of time. I’d hope that if land grabbing would begin to turn to violence we’d seek colonization on a different planet such as Venus, or explore various natural satellites for potential colonization efforts.

Cessation - 20210320

I often think about what happens when we die. The thought terrifies me, if I am to die from natural causes, or unnatural- what would become of my conciousness?

It can’t just be darkness for eternity. How can a conciousness absolutely cease?

Perhaps we are reborn and it’s an endless loop?

Perhaps the endless loop would be evidence of living in a simulation, where we never genuinely die. Maybe that’s why we get Deja Vu’s, it’s just remnant memory that hasn’t been overwritten yet from our past instance where we have already passed away.

Abrahamic Religion’s solutions seem a bit too easy on the explanation for me- though I do think that the Baháʼí faith gets it mostly correct, coming from an Agnostic. If there is a deity out there, I do believe all religions are praying to the same exact “God” or “Gods”, just with their own interpretation. There are too many split factions of each religion to trust in a single book, and if people are to be Religious, there should be no need to close their minds from other religions.

I guess this post is mostly just me blabbing about living in a Virtualization.

Additionally, people want to download their conciousness so they don’t really “die”. The problem is, you still die, your conciousness itself is just cloned. It’s something really weird and creepy to consider.

A Necessary Divorce - 20210303

In the 1950’s Christianity and Columbia intertwined a bit too much. God found itself on our currency, and pledge of allegiance trying to remind American citizens that we have a freedom of religion- as long as it’s Christianity.

You can even see Religious overstepping in local rural areas. Many sales of alcohol are banned on Sundays for Religious reasons, which is unfair for others that don’t practice Sabbath on Sundays. Why ban sales of alcohol on a Sunday for everyone else that isn’t Religious?

This is going to be a necessary change on multiple levels. Contact your Representatives and Senators.

The Seventy-Five Percentile - 20210216

Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the Universe. It’s also a very promising alternative to Petroleum-based fuels, with caveats. I’ll explain the negatives first before getting in to the benefits.

The Negatives

  1. Energy to extract is more than the energy output; This can be solved through renewable energy sources such as microhydro, solar, wind, etc.
  2. It’s far more dangerous than petroleum-based fuels.

The Benefits

  1. You can extract it out of water (H2O).
  2. Far higher octane rating in comparison to Petroleum or Ethanol based fuels (Gasoline (Premium) = 98, Diesel = 25, Ethanol 85% Gasoline = 105, Hydrogen >= 130), meaning higher compression tolerance in engine, leading to higher power per stroke and higher fuel efficiency.
  3. Higher fuel density (1kg of compressed Hydrogen gas = 2.8kg of Natural gas). Again, allowing for higher range.
  4. Can be used in already existing combustion engines.
  5. Waste gas is H2O vapor, instead of CO.

In a world of relying on Petroleum-based fuels, Hydrogen truly is an amazing option. Many people don’t want to move to electric vehicles because they would miss the sounds of their engines firing. However, the issue with combustion engines currently is the negative carbon footprint that they produce. This goes for all combustion engines too- Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Ships, Trains, Aircraft, etc. People complain that we can’t switch from Petroleum-based fuels overnight which is true. But being this is something you can produce at your own home, it’s definitely a step closer to doing so.

Being the extraction takes more energy than it does to use the fuel, it would make sense to setup solar arrays, or even microhydro to produce the fuel for yourself passively and store it in a hydrogen rated gas tank.

Get more power output out of your car, allow for more mileage on a tank, and output water vapor instead of carbon monoxide while you’re at it.

Gray Matter - 20210214

I find it intriguing what our brains are able to conjure. For example, language. Most modern languages are able to understand and communicate abstract thoughts. There is a tribe in Brazil that is unable to do so. The Pirahã people, whom speak Pirahãn, wouldn’t understand mathematics, sciences, or even the concept of numbers. They only understand what they are able to see with their eyes in the present. In fact, everything they communicate to each other is immediately in the present. Thus, if you were to leave their sight- in theory, you would no longer exist to them.

This makes me wonder, if this is possible within our species, I’m curious what our pet dogs or cats think. Or, even Octopi or Dolphins.

Archaism of Society - 20210210

I no longer believe that currency is a necessity. I believe that people are passionate enough to create and give back to society. You can see this with the multitude of projects such as Linux, Raspberry Pi’s, 3d Printers such as Josef Prusa’s, etc. People also release 3d printed designs, or CNC designs to be milled out of whatever every minute. The vast majority of what we use on the web is also open source.

If we look to other’s passions for food, we could get people who absolutely loves gardening, or working with plants in general to grow our produce hydroponically, geoponically etc. Going off of others who have a passion for polymers and plumbing.

Buildings can be constructed for the most part with 3d printers with polymer-concrete filament. Or they can be constructed by people whom have a passion for construction.

The vast majority of jobs now can be completely automated. Why are we enslaving ourselves to jobs that give us no purpose? Why do we deserve to live this way?

Hell, we are held back in terms of energy and transportation alone due to the economy in petroleum. Solid state batteries on brushless DC motors in cars is a far superior alternative.

Why do we look down on people who state they want to be a Musician, a Painter, or a Designer? They can bring us happiness, but there is no promising return of investment for them.

We need to re-evaluate our society.